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Hey, stone guys…. did you know that the slurry you create in your wetvac requires a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

Are you a stone restoration contractor or fabricator? Did you know that the slurry you create requires an SDS?

What do you do with your stone slurry you create when grinding and honing a floor? What about the slurry you collect in your slurry pit in your shop? Regardless of how you discard this slurry OSHA requires you to have an SDS. The problem is finding an SDS that fits your needs. Do you process marble? Granite? Limestone? Engineered Stone? Terrazzo? Each of these stone types need an SDS. Fortunately we have gathered the necessary SDS for you in an SDS database. We would suggest you print out each SDS for the appropriate stone and keep in your SDS file. This way when OSHA comes knocking you will be prepared.


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