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  1. Fall Protection in Residential Construction The United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a directive rescinding the Interim Fall Protection Compliance Guidelines for Residential Construction (STD 03-00-001). Prior to the issuance... Read More
  2. Placement of Fire Extinguishers in the Workplace What kind of fire extinguisher should I have at my warehouse? Is there a specific size required per square footage or the sort?   Is the extinguisher readily accessible in the event of a fire? ... Read More
  3. Developing a Profitable Strategy for Handling Occupational Safety and Health Developing a Profitable Strategy for Handling Occupational Safety and Health Nobody wants accidents to happen in his or her business. A serious fire, a permanent injury, or the death of an employee or owner can cause the loss of profit or even a... Read More
  4. What is a safety program exactly? A safety program is a set of policies and work practices specifically designed by your company for your company. It addresses not only the OSHA regulations and ways to reduce the exposure to hazards in your work areas, but also organizes a performanc... Read More
  5. How likely is it that my company will be subject to an OSHA audit? There are so many possibilities for triggering an audit that it is hard to say. OSHA virtually always audits alleged safety complaints when the present or former employees make a personal visit to OSHA and sign a formal written complaint. Also, even... Read More
  6. What if I think my workplace is unsafe? Often the best and fastest way to get a hazard corrected is to notify a supervisor or employer. If you believe working conditions are unsafe or unhealthful, we recommend that you bring the conditions to your employer's attention, if possible. Yo... Read More