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  1. Do you know how to read a SDS? Having the required SDS on file is one thing, but knowing how to read it is another. Do you know what all the terms mean? How about your employees? One of your most essential safety meetings should be on how to read and understand an SDS.This is impo... Read More
  2. Hey, stone guys.... did you know that the slurry you create in your wetvac requires a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)? Are you a stone restoration contractor or fabricator? Did you know that the slurry you create requires an SDS?What do you do with your stone slurry you create when grinding and honing a floor? What about the slurry you collect in your slurry pit in y... Read More
  3. You may not have to have printed SDSs if... OSHA states the following:If the employee's work area includes the area where the SDSs can be obtained, then maintaining SDSs on a computer would be in compliance. If the SDSs can be accessed only outside of the employee's work area(s), the... Read More
  4. Lack of a written HazCom program is one of the top ten OSHA citations... In fact, it's one of the TOP 5! One of the most common OSHA violations that is cited and fined for is lack of a HAZCOM program. In almost all OSHA inspections, an OSHA inspector will ask for the company's written HAZCOM program. OSHA Most F... Read More
  5. All chemical manufacturers and distributors must provide you with an SDS on the first shipment of the product... Hazard information must be transmitted on Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) that must be distributed to the customer at the time of first shipment of the product. The Hazard Communication Standard also requires that SDSs be updated by the chemical manufactur... Read More
  6. Respirators and Osha Compliance Your employees are working with chemicals that according to the SDS requires the use of a respirator. No problem you say. Concerned for the safety of your employees, you send them out to the local big box store and pick up a respirator. You make sure... Read More
  7. Do you know what to do if OSHA comes calling? Someone enters your shop and tells you he/she is an OSHA inspector and is here to conduct a safety audit. Your response is one of two:A. Your heart plummets into your stomach and you find yourself searching for a quick exit.B. You reach out your hand... Read More
  8. Are you aware that your employees may be required to be checked for hearing within 3 months of hire date and then again periodically? Are your employees exposed to loud noises over a period of time? OSHA and a number of states require that these employees be checked for hearing within 3 months of being hired. This is not only a good idea because OSHA requires it, but it's a ... Read More
  9. Top 10 reasons to be a Safe and Compliant member Save lives, avoid accidents and minimize health issues for your employees and customers by having a safety program in place. Avoid potentially huge fines for not having an OSHA required safety and HAZCOM program. No need to worry about employees ... Read More
  10. What about state-specific requirements? Certain states have their own Safety and Health programs.There are 26 state plans: 23 cover both private and public (state and local government) employment, and 3 (Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York) cover only the public sector.State plans are OS... Read More
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