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  1. The fine was how much???!!! A common mind set for many small construction companies and independent contractors is that they do not see a need for a safety program, because they have so few employees. Luckily every year OSHA Posts it’s compilations of top citations and do... Read More
  2. We’ve had an employee hospitalized from an accident at work. Does this increase the likelihood of an unannounced OSHA audit? Probably. If this accident causes your workers comp. mod. to exceed the average for your industry, then you're more likely to be targeted for a visit under the General Schedule guidelines. Additionally, especially if you are in California, if an... Read More
  3. When does a company have to have a Formal Hearing Conservation Program? When any employee is exposed to more than 85 decibels dba for a time-weighted-average of 8 hours, then a formal Hearing Conservation Program would be required. This would include annual audio hearing exams. To determine if this requirement applies to... Read More