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The fine was how much???!!!

A common mind set for many small construction companies and independent contractors is that they do not see a need for a safety program, because they have so few employees. Luckily every year OSHA Posts it’s compilations of top citations and dollar amounts per inspection. I want you to take a look at the 2010 list and hopefully realize just how important safety is. It’s not only important. It’s the law. If you need more information on any of the subjects listed below, let us know.

These citations cost employers more than $46 million or an average of about $900 a citation.

Here are the top 10 citations.

1. General Requirements

  • CFR 192604581
  • 8,506 cited
  • $8.5 million in fines
  • $999 avg. fine

2.Duty to have fall protection

  • CFR 19260501
  • 7,654 cited
  • $11.125 million in fines
  • $1,453 avg. fine


  • CFR 19261053
  • 3,961 citied
  • $2.84 million in fines
  • $716 avg. fine

4.Training Requirements

  • CFR 19260503
  • 2,473 cited
  • $1.63 million in fines
  • $659 avg. fine

5.Hazard Communication

  • CFR 19101200
  • 2,029 cited
  • $555K in fines
  • $273 avg. fine

6.General Safety and Health Provisions

  • CFR 1926.020
  • 2,025 cited
  • $1.43 million in fines
  • $706 avg. fine

7.Head Protection

  • CFR 1926.100
  • 1,811 cited
  • $1.15 million in fines
  • $635 avg. fine

8.Eye and Face Protection

  • CFR 1926.102
  • 1,476 citied
  • $849k in fines
  • $575 avg. fine

9. Specific Excavation Requirements

  • CFR 1926.651
  • 1,436 cited
  • $1.87 million in fines
  • $1,266 avg. fine

10. Aerial Lifts

  • CFR 1926.453
  • 1,376 citied
  • $1.39 million in fines
  • $1,010 avg. fine



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