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How to conduct a safety meeting

Safety meetings vary from formal presentations to informal discussions of safety problems. The meetings are not only educational and motivational, but also demonstrate management’s concern for safety. Workers suggestions at safety meetings have often resulted in the implementation of new safety policies and procedures that have reduced hazards, increased productivity, and improved work methods. As a Class B Agency, supervisors must hold quarterly safety meetings. A record must be kept of all meetings showing the topics discussed and persons attending. Safety meeting topics shall apply to all employees in attendance and documentation of all meetings shall be maintained for three (3) years.

A. Safety Committee 
The committee shall meet periodically at a frequency determined by the committee, but not less than four (4) times per year. The committee will recommend and advise on health and safety training and education. It will also coordinate and support the activities of the various health and safety sub committees across campus. Minutes will be recorded at each meeting and shall include members attending, members absent, and disposition of old business and new business.

B. Supervisors 

Supervisors of work units employing personnel whose duties involve us of equipment or materials which could be hazardous, such as maintenance, grounds and custodial, physical plant, central receiving, etc. will conduct a minimum of four (4) safety meetings annually, This section contains a suggested procedure for conducting safety meetings and a copy of Nicholls State University’s Safety Meeting Sign In Sheet, which can be used to document safety meetings.

Suggested Procedure for Conducting Safety Meetings

Prepare for the Meeting 
1. Conduct frequent inspections of the various areas; note any unsafe activities that need to be eliminated. Select an unsafe behavior or activity, a new job, procedure, or change in an operation as the safety meeting topic.
2. List the behavior or activity that should be changed.
3. Anticipate reasons for this unsafe activity and determine how to resolve the problem. Example: Employees are not wearing safety glasses because they become foggy when the temperature is high. Solution: Look at alternative safety glasses; select one suitable for high temperatures/high humidity rise.
4. Determine how to eliminate the unsafe act or condition and record in this section. Example: Discontinue purchasing present safety glasses, select alternative brand within thirty (30) days.

Conduct the Meeting 
1. Discuss only one topic per meeting.
2. Allow employees to discuss why the situation occurs and what can be done to control or eliminate it.
3. Reach agreement with employees on how to eliminate or control the situation.

Complete the Safety Meeting Report 

  1. All employees in attendance must sign the sign in sheet.
  2. After the meeting, complete the percentage of participation section of the safety meeting report. This is done by taking the total number of employees attending the meeting and dividing by the total number of employees in your department.
  3. Record any comments, suggestions, or remarks on page 2 of the safety meeting report.

Keep Record of the Meeting
Copies of safety meeting reports will be sent to the Safety Officer and Safety Committee representatives; the supervisor will keep originals.


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