Top 10 reasons to be a Safe and Compliant member


  1. Save lives, avoid accidents and minimize health issues for your employees and customers by having a safety program in place.
  2. Avoid potentially huge fines for not having an OSHA required safety and HAZCOM program.
  3. No need to worry about employees (or ex-employees) or competitors or anyone else turning you in to OSHA as a non-compliant company.
  4. Be ready for an OSHA inspection at any time.
  5. Provide required safety meetings and save time in preparation with “Safety Meetings in a Box.”
  6. Many general contractors are now requiring that you provide a copy of your safety program in order to bid. This is a growing trend
  7. Show your employees that you are providing them with a safe work environment.
  8. Show your customers your company complies with OSHA requirements, etc. by posting your Certified Safe and Compliant Company badge.
  9. Avoid or minimize costly lawsuits or at least provide your attorney with evidence that you comply with all safety laws, etc.
  10. No other option is faster, easier, and more affordable for getting a Safety Program in place.

A Safety and Health program is designed to keep you and your staff safe in the workplace.

This includes making your employees aware of safety hazards, health concerns and accident prevention. The value of having a proper safety program in place cannot be over-emphasized.